The Evelyn Ruskin JA Corporate Awareness Scholarship

Open To: 
Friday, March 29, 2019



This award was established to ensure that the benefits and relevance of JA are at the forefront of the business and industry sectors in Canada.

$2,500 cash; 1 recipient

Application Package Requirements

  • A 1-page overview and an online presentation in PDF, Word, Google Doc, or PowerPoint format on the topic: Junior Achievement challenges you to come up with an engaging presentation to help their Charters recruit students to the Company Program. Develop the presentation and a 1-page overview of why this presentation will attract new students to the JA Company Program.
  • Completed online application form.
  • 2 recommendation Letters; 1 from the JA Charter, 1 from  a teacher or a community leader/JA volunteer/employer who is familiar with you.
  • A résumé highlighting your best subjects, student activities, volunteer experience outside of school, club or church activities and hobbies.

Please note that where the application asks for a “Written Submission Link” you should put the link to your essay.


  • All students enrolled in The Company Program – A Student Venture (In School/After School Edition), JA Titan, or GLOBE for the 2018-2019 program year
  • The applicant must adhere to the rules and regulations concerning the award including the completion of all requested documentation in the application package requirements
  • The applicant does not need to be a graduating student
Winners will be announced by May 13, 2019.



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