JA Personal Finance Workshop

October 25, 2018
JA Centre - 15 Wharncliffe Road North, London


Empowering Grade 9-12 students with financial literacy
High school students are invited to register for this FREE personal money management workshop.

Space is limited and registrations will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. 

Canadian youth are growing up in a time in which spending is easier than ever and debt is a way of life.

Personal Finance is JA’s new financial literacy program for Grade 9-12 students. The program teaches students personal money management skills including the key elements of personal finance such as spending wisely, budgeting, saving, investing and using credit. 


The JA Personal Finance program supports the Ontario curriculum and Financial Literacy Scope and Sequence of Expecations. 

In this interactive program students will:

  • Recognize the role income plays in personal finances

  • Discover the importance of planning their financial decisions

  • Identify high-dollar items and unexpected costs that require savings

  • Learn the importance of making and keeping a spending plan

  • Consider the types of expenditures that might go into a monthly budget

  • Express the need to make good credit decisions to avoid costly consequences

  • Assess potential risks to their personal finances

  • Learn preventative methods to limit potential losses


By the end of the program, students will have a personal finance plan and clear goals for their financial security. 


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