JA Company Program

Company Program Update for 2020-21:

The JA Company Program will be moving to a virtual format for the 2020/2021 year!

For details, please check out our virtual program overview and FAQs here. 



JA Company Program provides high school students with a low-risk, first-hand experience in business and entrepreneurship. Over 18 weekly sessions, students have the opportunity to create and operate a real business in a team of 15-20 students and with the guidance of mentors from the local business community. 

JA Company Program is FREE for our students thanks to local sponsors who support the program. There is usually a small cost associated with launching and investing in your JA Company (usually $10, max $20). Students are a part of the team determining these corporate costs and often make their investment back and have the potential to earn profits as well!
Programs begin in November and run for 18 weeks. In 2020/2021, the JA Company Program will be run virtually! Learn more about the virtual program here. 


Company Program Information and Resources


For more information, contact: 

Karen Chafe at or 519-439-4201 x.225




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