Educators - Request A JA Program

JA programs provide students with experiences in entrepreneurshipfinancial literacy, and work readiness.


As an educator in our local school boards YOU have the opportunity to let your class experience ourJA Programs with one of our local volunteers! 

JA is proud to offer programs free of charge to schools. Educators are invited to register their class for a JA program at the appropriate grade level:

Elementary School Programs:
  JA More Than Money (Grade 4)
  JA A Business of Our Own (Grade 6)
 JA Dollars with Sense (Grade 7)
  JA Economics for Success (Grade 8)
High School Programs:
  JA World of Choices (Grades 9-10)
  JA Personal Finance (Grades 9-12)
  JA Company Program (Grades 9-12 After-School)


frequently Asked questions


When will I recieve my JA program?

JA Programs are delivered throughout the school year based on funding and volunteer availability. Once we have a volunteer and sponsor to match with your registration we will contact you to confirm program delivery details. 

What program is suitable for my classroom?

All JA programs are assigned to a specific grade level. Please note that if you have a split class, all students are encouraged to participate in the same program regardless of their grade level being one higher or lower than the recommended grade. If you have multiple split classes in your school you may opt to reorganize your classes for the JA program day so that all students recieve the JA program most appropriate to their grade level. Our program staff can work with you to determine the approach that is best for your students.  


Who will deliver the program in my classroom?

A trained volunteer from the local business community will visit your classroom as arranged by your Program Manager. These volunteers are able to bring their own personal experience to add further value to our programs. 


How much with this program cost?

Nothing! JA offers the JA programming completely free of charge thanks to the support of our generous donors, supporters, and volunteers. We rely on the support of our community partners to ensure all program costs are covered. 


How does my program get scheduled?

Once you register online, your local Program Manager will be in contact to arrange a date that works for both your class and the volunteer. 


What if I have further questions about the JA program?

If you still have questions feel free to contact us.


Our mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.